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2013-04-16 05:58 am

Player & RP Info.


+I am 21+ years old.
+ I have been RPing for about 8 years.
+ I play out mature lines. I do not fade to black (I mean, there’s times when you don’t want to play out the sex, and that’s cool, but generally speaking this stands). Because of this, I expect my partner to be 18+.
+ Please, please, please use proper grammar when RPing.
+ I like to plot. But random ideas are always cool, too. Hit me up.
+ I live in the EST time zone and am always logged into AIM or my e-mail (I get PM notices from here), so message me whenever and I’ll get back to you ASAP.
+ AIM, threads- preferences are in that order.
+Het, slash, femme- preferences in that order.
+I am a huge fan of romance lines, but I love angst, drama, and darker lines as well. It’s not fun if everything goes perfectly all the time!
+Pretty much, I am looking to play females against males right now. But, I love doing double storylines, so we can trade, so to speak. See the details below for more information!
+I don’t do any extreme kinks, sorry (not sorry).
+I really like to do extras. Like Polyvore clothing sets, news articles, texts, interviews, ect. Just so you know.


+ Teen Wolf-
Anything with Stiles/Derek/any male. I’ve got a Teen Wolf jones that just won’t go away and it’s killing me slowly.

I tend to play out more mature lines, as stated in the DO’S&DO NOT’S above. I like angst and drama and some loveeee stories, but I tend to play out darker lines in the Teen Wolf fandom.

+Grey’s Anatomy-
1. Dr. Alex Karev/Dr. Jo Wilson;
I think it would be great to explore the current storyline between these two, going off into an AU setting from here on out.
2.Dr. Alex Karev/Dr. Emily Connors;
This is an OC/AU line stemming from the latest episode (spoiler alerts). Self-made baby billionaire Emily Connors approaches the crash victims when they get their final ‘no’ from the only potential investor they have. She offers the $175 million needed to buy Seattle Grace Hospital on two conditions: that her title as the majority shareholder is kept private and that she join the interns at the most prestigious teaching in the country. Everything is going well until she’s placed on Dr. Alex Karev’s service.

+Other Fandoms I Play
+ Harry Potter
+ Lost Girl
+ The Mindy Project
+ Blood & Chocolate
+ Dancing With the Stars

I love doing double storylines, so I’d be willing to offer you a character of your choice, any gender/paring, in exchange for a het line with me playing the OFC.


+ Romance/Fluff
+ Angst
+ Drama
+ Gore
+ Fantasy
+ Humor
+ Realistic / Real life
+ Mystery
+ Mythology


Barbara Palvin, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Amber Heard,
Mila Kunis, Vanessa Hudgens, Minka Kelly,
Nikki Reed, Dianna Agron, and Emma Watson.

*I am open to using more, but those are usually the ones that stick. It all depends on the line and the person I am playing against.


AIM: ItsLivJones or comment here- everything is screened. Honestly, though, I’d rather you contact me through AIM.